The Challenge Begins!

October 1st has finally arrived! Starting tomorrow, 36 athletes will begin “The Battle Against Yourself Challenge” !! For the next two months, these individuals will be giving it their all and will need some motivation from their friends and family.

Their objective this week is to attend 3 classes at Kanehsatake CrossFit, make some minor dietary changes as well as complete their first food journal. Participants will also need to decide on two fitness goals they would like to accomplish by the end of the challenge. Whether that is completing their first handstand pushup, doing 1 strict pull-up, running 2 kilometres under 10 minutes, doing unbroken double unders, and so on. It is all up to you, to decide! All goals will be approved by our trainers and set in realistic terms to be achieved in the 2 months. If the participant achieves their fitness goals by the end of the challenge, they will earn up to an additional 60 bonus points!  WOW! 

Monday September 25, KCF held a nutrition workshop to help their athletes start the challenge on a positive note. The focus was on proper meal planning. For example, what’s good to eat before and after workouts, how much your water intake should be, the importance of breakfast, etc. We hope that those who attended, gained several useful tips and knowledge about developing good eating habits.

Last week, all participants did their Tanita Scale weigh in and body measurements. From these results, they will try to set goals to help improve their current health situation. Whether that is to increase their water intake, reduce their fat levels, gain muscle mass, etc. Bonus points will be earned if improvements are shown by the weekly Tanita Scale readings.

Participants can stay engaged in the challenge and share their results with others through our Facebook Group Page “Kanehsatake CrossFit – The Battle Against Yourself Challenge”. If you are not yet a member in the group, please send us a request. It will be used to ask questions and offer support to others. We will also share weekly results, accomplishments and participant’s point score.

We are very happy about the outcomes and positive attention this challenge has received so far. We would like to wish good luck to all the participants and are proud of our new members who recently made the decision to work on their health. At Kanehsatake CrossFit we are happy to help you achieve your goals and aim at getting stronger day by day.

Good luck!

“You’ve got what it takes” 



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