Here’s Why You Should Start Today

Biggest misconception is that

“I have to get in shape before starting CrossFit”

This statement is so far from the truth. Not only do you not have to be “in shape” to start, you also don’t have to have any previous exercise experience.

You just have to start.

Start by setting a day and hour that you will try a class. Don’t think too much about it, just try.

Many times we over think and psych ourselves out. We tell ourselves that we’re not good enough, people will look at me and laugh, I will look stupid, people are more experienced than me, etc…

The thing that people don’t understand, is that everyone in the class is there for the same reason you are.

They want to get healthy, they want to be able to reduce their chance of diseases, they want to be able to keep up with their children/grandchildren, they want to reduce their chance of needing medication or reduce their medications they are on now.

Remember everyone starts somewhere.

They identified their goals, set a plan, put in the required work, reached their goals!!

And continue to set more goals.

To constantly progress you need to set goals, smash them and repeat.

They’ve struggled, they’ve had their ups and downs. One thing they never did was, give up.

Bottom line you want to set goals, show up put in work and stay consistent.


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