Half Way There!

For some, it may look like a long path ahead, but this 2 month challenge is nearly ending! It is just the beginning to what the future holds.

We are extremely proud of all our athletes who have been determined to reach their goals and devoted the time and effort towards their health.


What were your biggest concerns and barriers on week 1?

  • Was it to make the time to attend 3 classes per week?
  • Was it your self confidence and esteem?
  • Was it to change your eating habits?
  • Was it to have a power to push yourself to new limits?
  • Was it to try CrossFit for the first time?

Well after 4 weeks, whatever your concerns were when starting this challenge it is no longer an issue.

Ask yourself, what could you not do 4 weeks ago? Look at both the big and small things.

For some, it could be a goal they recently achieved this week! Whether that was to complete your first pull-up, improve your cardio, do a handstand, a push-up, a box jump, etc. With all YOUR handwork and effort, you managed to do it!

Do you see a better you? Do you have more energy throughout the day? Are you sleeping better? Are you happier?

The only person you need to thank is yourself.

Which goes to show, you can ALWAYS do it! No more  “I can’t”, “I don’t have time”, or “I’m not good”.

Excuses are your enemy.

There is still 4 weeks to go! These next few weeks you have the power and control to do whatever you want! Remember to work hard, stay determined, be happy and aim for your limits.

Week 1, all participants set themselves two fitness goals that they would attempt to accomplish by the end of each month. These goals were meant to challenge the individual.

Congratulations to those who killed it this month!

Challenge Athlete Goal Month #1
Crystal 400m Run w/o Stopping
Goo 3 min Plank
Tiohenta Handstand
Randy Chin up (No Band)
Stephanie Handstand
Watsenniiostha OHS/ Squat Clean
Kahsennine Handstand
Jo-Anne 1 min Bar Hang
Shawn 300lbs Deadlift
Brandon Chin Up (No Band)
Pierre-Luc Pull-Ups (Purple Band)
Jadyn Bar Muscle Up (Blue Band)
Marie-Noelle 2 min Plank
Marie 5 min Plank
Emma 400m Run w/o Stopping
Dina 2 min Plank
Eddy 1 min Bar Hang

Remember, if you did not get your month’s goal, don’t worry, November will be your month!

When November 30th at 12:00AM passes, will this be the end of your journey? Or will it be just the beginning? Yesterday was your worst self, but tomorrow CAN be your best self.

It never gets easier, you just get better. Again, this is the Battle Against Yourself! 

Everyday is a new opportunity.

So, what is your why?


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