Classes and Services

Below are the classes and services we provide. Please use the links on the left to navigate to the one you want more information on. If you still need more information please do not hesitate to use the contact information at the bottom of the page,



  • High intensity
  • Constantly varied functional movements
  • Includes aspects of gymnastics, weight lifting, running, rowing, etc…
  • Load and intensity can be scaled to your physical level

CrossFit Beginnings

  • Low impact functional training
  • Low to medium intensity
  • Focus on technique
  • Improve daily life functions (balance, coordination, flexibility and cardio)


  • Traditional type of workout focusing mainly on the upper body

Core & Glutes

  • Core
    • Focus on increasing the capability of activating your physical corset with exercises that do not require a spinal bend
    • Great class for those that suffer from lower back problems
  • Glutes
    • Focus on improving the contraction of the three areas of the Gluteal region
    • Improving posterior chain activation


  •  Low-impact mat exercises
  •  Aims to strengthen our small muscles, improve flexibility and posture
  •  Targets the core muscles of our body, the abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and booty
  •  Incorporates weightless resistance movements for legs, ankles, wrist & shoulder lengthening


  • 30 minute class
  • Deep stretch with or without equipment
  • Focus on the range of motion of the joint rather than just flexibility

Family Fit

  •  Work out with your child
  •  Teaching your child the importance of safety around gym equipment
  •  Improving motor skills, coordination etc. by doing fun workouts 
  •  Creating a special bond with family


  • Initiation of archetype exercise that strongman do in a strongman competition. Carrying, dragging, pulling, pushing and lifting with unorthodox objects.



InBody Scale

The Inbody Scale 270 is a Body Composition Analyzer and it is a non-invasive way of calculating your body’s fat, muscle mass and water levels.

InBody Evaluation

We offer two options for our InBody Evaluations. For your first evaluation it is mandatory to get a Full InBody Evaluation.

Option 1 – Full InBody Evaluation ($50.00/members, $60.00/non-members)

  • 30 minutes
  • InBody Scale
  • Glucose Testing
  • Blood Pressure Reading
  • Measurements
  • Progress Photos
  • Printed out reading

Option 2 – Basic InBody Evaluation ($20/members, $25.00/non-members)

  • InBody Scale
  • Non-printed reading



Treatments offered by our Kinesiologist Simon-Pier Dubois are a clinical kind of treatment that requires movement and although it may not be relaxing, the purpose of the treatment at first is to give you range of motion if this is what you lack as well as reduce your pain. This is achieved by using the point of pressure/accu-pressure technique combined with gliding pressure.

Private Training

One-on-One training developed to your physical fitness level, needs and goals. A program tailored just for you and modified when needed.

Semi-Private Training

In a group of maximum four (4) people training developed to your physical fitness levels, needs and goals. A program tailored for your groups and modified when needed.

Physical Fitness Evaluation

An evaluation to identify your physical fitness level, your capability to do certain movements, identify certain restrictions etc.

  • 30 minutes duration
  • Free Report
  • Free Body Composition Analysis


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